Prophet Mohammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “whoever covers (the faults) a Muslim, Allah covers (his faults for) him in this world and the next and whoever lifts distress upon a distressed person, Allah lifts upon him distress from the distress of the Day of Reckoning, and whoever is there at the need of his brother, Allah is there at his need” (On the authority of MusaylamaibnMukhlad (may Allah be pleased with him)

o “Relieve him of Distress”: Natural disaster, outbreak of war, diseases and many other phenomena can result in taking lives of loved ones and bread winners from the innocent children and families, thus leaving them in extreme distress. When this unthinkable happens Road To Jannah delivers lifesaving aid to hard-hit families and communities revealing the true spirit of Islam.  Road To Jannah helps during the disaster by providing following relief;

Food  and Water distribution:

During a serious crisis, Road To Jannah arranged food distribution and cooked meal for the distressed population. The rations distributed generally include cereals, oil, and sugar, salt and enriched flour. Please donate generously towards food and water distribution in conflicts like Syria, Burma and Mali.

Non-food aid

Crisis-affected communities are also confronted with the loss of all their material goods, particularly those of primary importance such as clothing, soap, combustibles (wood, coal, etc.), cooking utensils and water buckets. In addition, they must often cope with the destruction of their habitat, a loss which increases their vulnerability.

Our non-food aid aims to satisfy material needs through the distribution of basic equipment and utensils as well as the installation of temporary shelters. Please donate generously.

R2J – Education Project

Road To Jannah -School Trip, Eshan Pur, Pakistan

Children’s Care



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