Sadaqas and Zakat to eradicate hunger and poverty on sustainable basis.

Allah’s prophet Mohammad (peace & blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Allah said, ‘O son of Adam! Spend, and I shall spend on you.” [Sahih Al-Bukhari] Volume 7, Book 64, Number 264

One of the most widespread and dangerous problems faced by humanity is that of poverty, hunger and starvation. There is nothing more horrifying than the realization that as we live our happy lives here, millions of our fellow human beings live in hunger and face starvation. The majority of the families in Asia and Africa today live in poverty.It is obligatory for usto look after the poor, and are required to spend of our wealth to help the poor out through Zakat and Sadaqas.

Road To Jannah follows the real spirit of Islam and helps the widows and deserving families in a way that they can stand on their feet and be useful part of Muslim Ummah.  The income generating activities include setting up small grocery shops, vegetable and fruit shops, homemade dairy and bakery products, tailoring, knitting, agriculture and livestock rearing. Over a period of time these economic activities lead to building savings and assets for survival and improvement of lives. Help us to continue supporting our Income Generation Programme by giving a donation. However small the amount it will help to change lives.

Road To Jannah – Water Hand Pump Project

£150 would assist us to provide a sewing machine or other material along with training to start up small entrepreneurship

£250 would assist us to set up small business for a woman headed or disabled headed household family in Africa and Asia.

Children’s Care



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