“And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe…”  Chapter (21) sūrat l-anbiyāa (The Prophets)

Water is one of the essentials of life. Yet 800 millions of people around the world do not have access to water and the crisis continues. Providing everyone with access to clean water is one of the greatest challenges of modern times. As per the statistics;
Every 20 seconds 1 child dies from a water-related disease.

Millions of women and children spend 6-8 hours a day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources.

88% of cases of diarrhoea worldwide are attributable to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation or insufficient hygiene. (9)

Installation of water facilities is form of continuous SadaqahJariyah (continuous) as reported by SunanAbiDawud;

Sa’adibnUbadah (RA) asked the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ‘Umm Sa’ad (his mother) has died; what form of Sadaqah is best?’ The Prophet replied: ‘Water’. Sa’ad dug a well and said, ‘It is for Umm Sa’ad’.

Road To Jannahensures the provision of safe water through installation of water facilities like water hand pumps, water wells and bore-hole in Asia and Africa. We also provide clean water in emergencies along with improving water supply, sanitation and hygiene to stop the spread of diseases in vulnerable communities worldwide. Please support us in transformation of community lives by donating towards following projects:

Water hand pumps

Many families in countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan and India spend up to five hours every day in search of water, which is often dirty and contaminated with diseases. Accompanied on this audacious journey are their daughters, who miss out on their education as a result. With the provision of water hand pumps, we help reduce a journey time from hours to minutes, children can invest their time seeking knowledge and women are able to capitalise their extra time and energy on activities that boost their family’s income rather than just ensuring family survival.

Donate £150 towards a water hand pump and help make a difference.

Road To Jannah Projects

Road To Jannah – Water Project, Water Hand Pump Project, Education Project & Qurbani Project

Water Wells:

In many parts of Asia and Africa, water hand pumps cannot be installed due to the depth and pollution of water and water boreholes are too expensive.

Road To Jannah helps communities to build water wells close to their homes helping hundreds of families to access to safe water and brings lasting changings in their lives.

Donate £750 towards water well in Asia or £3,000 towards water well in Africa

Water Tanker Supplies

The provision of drinking water by tankers is a solution for survival supply when time is very limited and other systems cannot be realised within the time limits. Please support us to deliver water when time and life matters for the affected population of disasters and civil wars.

£100 – Towards a water tanker will save lives of many families.

Children’s Care



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