Providing communities a sustainable solutions

Road to Jannah strives to assist communities to alleviate from hunger, suffering and illiteracy. We are responding in human suffering in emergencies however, we believe emergencies are only a beginning but we need to provide them a sustainable solution in a dignified manner so that they can secure their living without any external assistance. Our programs are developed in such a way which can fulfill their immediate requirements and give them a confidence for self reliance.

We are innovators

Since 1983, charity has driven evolution in the charity website : We pioneered real-time news distribution to financial terminals in the 1990’s, we were first to provide our customers with the ability to post news to their social media channels at the same time as their traditional channels, and we continue to lead the industry with news release reporting and analytics that is critical to our customers’ success.

We take pride in being responsive, making a difference at a critical point in peoples’ lives. We have been doing this since 1944, working with veterans of every conflict, and we envisage continuing doing so for the ‘long haul’ – supporting all future generations of our soldiers and their dependants.

R2J – School Project

Road To Jannah, distributed some school books & bags to children in Eshan Pur Villiage, Pakistan. In Shaa Allah we plan to do some more work there soon.

Children’s Care



Save Lives