We are transforming lives of poor through Islamic charity tradition which rewards you herein and hereafter… Jannah

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Welcome to Road To Jannah
Road To Jannah is an initiative by a group of Muslim brothers who all shared the same concern, to prepare for herein and hereafter and facilitate Muslim brothers and sisters world-wide for their journey on Road To Jannah.

What we do

Road to Jannah strives to assist communities to alleviate from hunger, suffering and illiteracy. We are responding in human suffering in emergencies however, we believe emergencies are only a beginning but we need to provide them a sustainable solution in a dignified manner so that they can secure their living without any external assistance. Our programs are developed in such a way which can fulfill their immediate requirements and give them a confidence for self reliance.

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Where we work

Road To Jannah reaches the vulnerable communities at a time of disasters to help saving lives. Similarly, our efforts to work helping the families and communities to break the cycle of poverty is focused in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Palestine and Fiji. At road to Jannah we integrate resources to assist communities and ensuring the fruitful results will be spread in a broader perspective.We are currently expending our programs to other countries in Africa like Rwanda, Mali and Kenya.

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Road to Jannah is a charitable organization based in United Kingdom to promote Islamic charitable values in which donors contribute to the creation or support of a service that will continue to benefit individuals, families and societies. Allah (SWT) rewards the donors not only during their life but also even after their death. The path of generosity (Sadaqah Jariyah) is way to prepare for the Akhirah(hereafter). As told by the prophet Mohammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and narrated by Abu Hurairah.